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Turn your Slack_ workspace into an org structure samp that scales as your business

OrgaNice is a bot that builds a team directory based on your Slack workspace data. It also makes sure that your company's structure is always up-to-date.
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OrgaNice Example

Do you feel

that a lack of employee visibility slows your company's growth?

  • Fired workers are still part of your organization's workspace
  • Poor integration between rookies and existing staff
  • No references from existing employees
  • Teams are disconnected

Updating employee profiles and team structure is not fun

But somebody has to do it.
Let OrgaNice take this task off you.

Supercharge your HR team with OrgaNice

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Single source

A single source for employee information stores all the important details and ensures that they are always up-to-date, as all changes and updates can be made in one place. This is an important tool for organizations to manage their workforce more effectively and efficiently.

Team awareness

Creating a culture of transparency and awareness about organization's open positions allows team members to be aware of any new roles that may be added to their team, enabling them to prepare for the arrival of a new colleague and ensuring a smooth transition.

Welcoming environment

Creating a welcoming work environment for remote newcomers is a crucial aspect of ensuring their successful integration into a company's culture and workflows. When remote newcomers feel welcome, they are more likely to feel engaged and motivated in their work.

Friendly onboarding for remote newcomers

The bot automatically sends a reminder to every new member who joins your Slack to update their profile according to your guidelines.
Friendly onboarding
Profiles updates

Profiles updates on auto pilot

Specify which fields your company needs and the bot will take care of reminding your Slack members to update their profile.

Help your employees to understand who they're working with

Teammates develop trust and collaborate more quickly when they have a deeper understanding of one another.
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Help your employees

Set and achieve goals with ease 👌

Step 1

Add Organice to your Slack workspace Data Integration
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Step 2

Setup profile fields guidlines and rules

Step 3

Get the always-relevant company's structure in the next 24 hours