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All-in-one Org Chart, Birthday, Anniversary, and Time Off Tracker for Slack

Keep your on-Slack team always organized, connected, and engaged.

Managers Are


Employees Are

For HRs constantly bogged with routine tasks, organizing teams and engaging employees might be a daunting process. At the same time, employees may feel disconnected due to a lack of transparency and alignment within their teams.
15 hrs/week
avg. time spent by managers on administrative tasks
of employees (global) are not fully engaged at their work
of employees don’t feel connected to their colleagues
OrgaNice Team
How Much Can a Team of 100 People Save With OrgaNice?
Without Organice
$900 / month
With Organice
125$ / month

Build Your Org Chart Right Based on Slack Data

Visualize your team structure for better alignment. Give your employees a deeper understanding about each other by showcasing the company’s hierarchy, roles, and responsibilities - all in Slack.
Single source for employee informationIn-team awareness about open positionsWelcoming environment for remote newcomers

Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries in Your Slack Workspace

Add warmth and joy to your Slack workspace with birthday and work anniversary celebration messages. Stay on top of your team's special days with the help of OrgaNice, and never miss a chance to show appreciation for your amazing team.
Reminders for upcoming eventsEditable celebration messages: you may create a custom one or use preloaded templates

Manage Time Offs and Vacations Without Leaving Slack

Keep track of employee PTO, “working from home,” and other time off requests and approvals directly in your Slack. Streamline team collaboration by getting everyone on the same page regarding each others' vacations, sick days, and other absences.
A complete schedule of time offs on the organizational levelTime off requests overview by user and status

Power Up Your HR Team - Add OrgaNice to Slack


Add OrgaNice to your workspace.

Add to Slack

Complete the set up by customizing profile fields, notifications, announcements, time-off requests and more using the OrgaNice’s admin panel.


Let OrgaNice start collecting employee data via Slack.


Give OrgaNice some time and get a true employee management suite - always at hand and within your Slack workspace!