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Make Employee Feedback Your Superpower - Right in Slack

Easily gather employee feedback and measure engagement using surveys - all in Slack, making sure that impactful action is taken at all levels.

Employee Feedback Loop: Is It Important?

of employees have left a job because they felt their feedback wasn’t being taken seriously
of employees want to see action come from giving feedback to feel truly heard
companies that conduct regular employee feedback analysis can reduce turnover by 15%

Get 3x More Responses: Run Surveys where Work Happens

Say goodbye to tab-switching - let all your surveys happen directly in Slack! OrgaNice provides non-disruptive and streamlined experience for your teams, which results in 3x time higher completion rates compared to traditional surveys sent via email.
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Try Templates and Launch Surveys In No Time

Not sure where to start? Just pick one of our ready-made templates, select the questions you want, and start collecting feedback in just 2 minutes!
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Customize Your Feedback Loop

Configure, schedule and share surveys when you see fit, like milestones, performance reviews, or office parties. Set up automatic reminders to boost participation and ensure surveys are completed on time.

Get Your Stats Anytime with Our Handy Dashboard

Why wait days or weeks for results? Our rich dashboard gives you real-time access to all the data you need. Easily apply filters, compare submissions, and get quick insights on how and where your daily teamwork can be improved.

Build a Listening-Based Culture

Stay on the pulse of your employees by regularly conducting surveys to see how they're doing. Make sure your teams feel heard, seen, and empowered in driving change, fostering a work culture that puts people first.
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Power Up Your HR Team - Add OrgaNice to Slack


Add OrgaNice to your workspace.

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Create your first survey by selecting one of the pre-built templates or configuring your own questions. Then choose the channel for publication.


Click “Publish” and you're all set! OrgaNice will notify the employees in your Slack workspace and start collecting responses.


Track the progress, see results in real-time, and analyze them via the OrgaNice’s admin panel.

Discover More Killer Features of OrgaNice

Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations

Promote a positive culture within your Slack workspace by letting OrgaNice automate and deliver personalized congratulations to your teammates.
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AI-Powered Org Chart

Build a dynamic org chart based on your Slack data in minutes and keep it up-to-date on autopilot as your company grows.
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Employee Recognition - “Kudos” Feature

Recognize and keep your people motivated by giving them kudos! Build the culture of appreciation in your Slack workspace.
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Time-Off Tracker

Tired of boring spreadsheets? Say hello to OrgaNice, a streamlined PTO, time off, vacation, "work from home," and absence tracker for Slack.
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