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Turn Your Slack Workspace into an Org Chart That Scales as Your Business

Build a dynamic org chart based on your Slack data in minutes and keep it up-to-date on autopilot as your company grows

It Might Be a Good Idea to Revise the Way You Maintain Your Org Structure If:

  • Your team's data is scattered across multiple systems and spreadsheets
  • Creating and updating org charts takes up hours of manual work
  • Employees struggle to identify the right colleague to contact for specific issues
  • Former employees are still present in your organization's workspace
  • New employees are integrated slowly and lack engagement

Keep Your Org Chart in Sync as Your Business Grows

Switch to OrgaNice - an org chart management bot for Slack that will do this work for you.

Let Your HRs Get More Time Back in Their Day with OrgaNice!

Create an Org Chart in Minutes

Say goodbye to the tedious task of copying and pasting data from multiple spreadsheets! With OrgaNice, you can effortlessly set up user profiles, teams, departments, notifications, reports, and more. Then our bot will gather all the necessary information from your Slack workspace and provide a clear and concise visualization of your team structure within minutes, not days!
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Keep It Up-to-Date Automatically

Keeping track of an ever-changing company's organizational structure can be a challenge. Every day, someone gets promoted, moves to another department, joins a new project, or leaves. Thanks to customizable reminders, notifications, and reports OrgaNice ensures that employee data is always complete, up-to-date, and readily available for HR managers.
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Create a Welcoming Environment for Newcomers

Building a warm and inviting work environment is the key to seamlessly integrating remote newcomers into your company's culture and workflows. OrgaNice automatically sends a welcoming message to everyone who joins your team in Slack. By making your new employees feel welcome, you foster their engagement and motivation from day one.

Spread the Word about Job Openings

Creating a culture of transparency and awareness about organization's open positions allows team members to be aware of any new roles that may be added to their team, enabling them to prepare for the arrival of a new colleague and ensuring a smooth transition.

Help Employees Understand Who They’re Working With

With OrgaNice, your teams can quickly build stronger working relationships and collaborate more efficiently. Give your employees a deeper understanding about each other by showing everyone’s roles and responsibilities, leading to improved decision making.
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Power Up Your HR Team - Add OrgaNice to Slack


Add OrgaNice to your workspace.

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Complete the set up by customizing profile fields, notifications, announcements, time-off requests and more using the OrgaNice’s admin panel.


Let OrgaNice start collecting employee data via Slack.


Give OrgaNice some time and get a true employee management suite - always at hand and within your Slack workspace!