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Track and Manage Your Team’s Time Offs and Vacations Right in Slack

Tired of boring spreadsheets? Say hello to OrgaNice, a streamlined PTO, time off, vacation, "work from home," and absence tracker for Slack.

Request and Approve Time Offs Lightning Fast

Requesting time-offs has never been easier - just a few clicks, no context switching from Slack. For managers, it's a breeze - they only need to click the "Approve" or "Reject" button.

No more long email chains! Instant notifications speed up decision-making for managers and let team members know right away if their requests have been approved or rejected.
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Turn Any Slack Channel into a Time Off Notifier

Simply choose a public channel in your Slack workspace and let the bot post approved requests directly to it. No more switching between tabs or separate apps. Keep the familiar Slack experience while ensuring everyone knows about upcoming absences.
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Stay on Top of Your Team’s Absence Calendar

With our new interactive time off calendar, your on-Slack team collaboration will reach a new level. Now, your managers will have all the up-to-date absence information right at their fingertips.

Thanks to the calendar, your team members can easily see who's absent and when to use this information for better planning, ensuring coverage during busy times, and preventing scheduling conflicts.

Customize and Automate Slack Status Updates

Customize your "Away" statuses for different types of leave, like vacations, sick days, or paid time off. Once the date of absence arrives, your team member's status will automatically switch to an emoji and type off that clearly shows the kind of leave they are taking.

Automated Slack status updates keep everyone in the loop, making planning and task allocation easier. And when people are back, their status will automatically switch to "Available."

Stay in Sync with Time-Offs and Holidays by Country

If you're managing remote global teams, keeping track of time offs and national holidays can be a true headache. However, with OrgaNice, this task becomes effortless. Our platform supports national and custom holidays worldwide, allowing you to create a handy schedule that syncs up time offs and national holidays for the countries where your employees are at.

Plus, every week, the app sends notifications on the public Slack channel, giving you a heads-up on upcoming holidays and sharing some cool AI-generated facts about them. It's a great way to stay aware of your teams' availability and get a taste of different cultures at the same time.
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Turn Data into Insightful Reports

With OrgaNice, you can quickly configure and generate reports using your teams’ time-off and vacation statistics. Just a few clicks and you're good to go!

Easily filter, select, and compare the data you need. Share it with other departments to keep everyone in the loop about employee absences dynamics.
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Power Up Your HR Team - Add OrgaNice to Slack


Add OrgaNice to your workspace.

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Enable the "Time Off" feature and select the countries where your teammates are located.


Set up time offs and holidays, and start collecting and managing time-off requests directly in Slack.

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