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Automate Birthday & Work Anniversary Celebrations - all in Slack

Build a positive culture within your Slack workspace by letting OrgaNice automate and deliver personalized congratulations to your teammates.

Never Miss A Single Special Date


Automate birthday celebrations! Let OrgaNice handle the date tracking and reminders while your team enjoys funny celebration posts and expresses their joy with likes and emojis!


Celebrate and acknowledge each employee's contribution with heartfelt congratulations on their work anniversary! Make everyone feel appreciated and cherished.

Create Celebration Messages in Less Than 1 Minute

Say goodbye to boring formal congratulations. Create custom eye-catching messages with GIFs and emojis for each awesome employee with just a few clicks. Want an even faster solution? Utilize one of the ready-to-use templates crafted by OrgaNice!

Stay Up-to-Date on All Important Team Dates

OrgaNice will always keep you in the loop about all special team dates. Our built-in reminders will keep you notified about an upcoming event, sending you a notification the day before it happens. The best part? You have complete control - you can review, edit, or even cancel the message that OrgaNice is going to send.

Easily Collect All Data via Slack

Forget about importing a list of dates! OrgaNice will simply get all necessary information such as employees’ dates of birth and the time they joined the company, from the company’s org chart. So, no need to worry about a thing! Our bot will handle all the scheduling and crafting of personalized celebratory messages.
Add to Slack

Power Up Your HR Team - Add OrgaNice to Slack


Add OrgaNice to your workspace.

Add to Slack

Complete the set up by customizing profile fields, notifications, announcements, time-off requests and more using the OrgaNice’s admin panel.


Let OrgaNice start collecting employee data via Slack.


Give OrgaNice some time and get a true employee management suite - always at hand and within your Slack workspace!

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